Jan 8, 2009

Six-year-old driving a car?

Tadi, aku ada dengar berita yang mengatakan budak enam tahun memandu kereta ke sekolah. Aku terkejut giler dengar berita tu. Then, aku pun search kat Yahoo! tentang berita tu. Here it is.

Six-year-old claims video games taught him to drive
But not very well.

Most kids wouldn't make much of a fuss if they missed a day of school, but a six-year-old
Virginian boy felt otherwise. The AP reports that after missing his bus, the unnamed child hopped into the family's 2005 Ford Taurus and drove himself nearly six miles before crashing. His parents were asleep at the time.

How did he make it that far?

Video games, of course. According to police, the boy claims to have learned how to drive from playing Grand Theft Auto and Monster Truck Jam.

And by the sound of it, he drives like most of us play: wildly out of control. During his journey, the boy made "at least two 90-degree turns, passed several cars and ran off the rural two-lane road several times before hitting an embankment and utility pole about a mile and a half from school."

After being cleared of serious injury, he was taken to school by authorities. If that seems cruel, don't tell the scholarly youngster.

"He was very intent on getting to school," said Northumberland County Sheriff Chuck Wilkins. "When he got out of the [crashed] car, he started walking to school. He did not want to miss breakfast and PE."

The boy's parents have each been charged with child endangerment, though it's unclear if that's for facilitating their kid's dangerous joyride or letting a six-year-old play the Mature-rated Grand Theft Auto in the first place.

Tidakku sangka bahaya juga bermain permainan video. Tapi bukan bagi aku. Haha!

Kepada ibu bapa semua, kalau nak bagi anak main video games, bagi la yang tak ganazz. Bahaya akibatnya nanti. Kepada mereka yang boleh berfikir secara logik lak, kalau nak main game tu, jangan sampai terpengaruh dan terlalu asyik dengan permainan tersebut. Papepon, video games memang best! ^^

Jaa ne~


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  1. hee..aku pun men video game kete dgn teknik pemanduan yang teruk..tapi aku tak rasa aku gitu kot atas jalan yang real..cuak lak..=p